Saint Tysilio's Church Sellack

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Welcome to St. Tysilio's Church, Sellack, Ross-on-Wye

A few miles upstream of Ross-on-Wye, in the heart of the Wye Valley, you will find this ancient church at the centre of a rural parish on the banks of the River Wye in Herefordshire.

Worship is still at the centre of church activities having services on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month with Bible Study on most 3rd Sundays and celebrations for many special occasions – Candlelight Carol Service, Christmas, Palm Sunday (with the rare custom of Pax Cakes), Easter, The Bridge Service, Harvest and occasionally hosting a group service.

The unusual layout is the most surprising feature of this building which you can find fully explained in our history section, along with details about its close connections with the river. Sellack is the only English church dedicated to Saint Tysilio.

Funding the maintenance of this ancient building is a constant labour of love and we have recently undertaken some major restoration projects to repair the spire and improve the church facilities to include toilet and catering point. We also have new churchyard gates and are in the process of upgrading the electrics.

We hold joint events with the whole parish and neighbouring churches. The annual Palm Sunday walk with a donkey between Sellack and Kings Caple is very popular as is the outdoor Bridge Service on the riverbank. This service continues every year following a big celebration in 1995 for the 100 year anniversary of the bridge. We often have visiting choirs and musicians for services and concerts and are well practised in turning normal events into special occasions; being particularly renowned for our hospitality and refreshments.

Thank you for visiting St. Tysilio's website and we hope you can join us sometime at a service or one of our many events. We welcome any comments or suggestions.

The Follow! Prayer:
God who in Jesus calls us – 
Open hearts and minds to your invitation.
God of the pilgrim way – be our companion day by day.
God of the still, small voice – teach us to pray. 
Grant that in our calling, our following, our pilgrimage 
We may see your kingdom of truth and peace – 
And delight to bring others to your love. 
We make this prayer through Jesus, the Lord.  Amen